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Speed Tests

Speedy Web Navigator had to be put to the test to prove the increase in speed all the features contribute. The results generated by ourselves and other testers of the program show the average results in the chart below!

Dial-Up Modem Testing Conditions

Three computers (Two with Windows 95 and one with Windows 98) with different modems were used in the testing. One PC used Internet Explorer and the two others had different versions of Netscape. Three different people at different locations performed the testing. We chose to download a 340K Text file and a 225K Graphic file where all computers accessed the same server for the files. These downloads were performed 25 times each, before and after, to get an overall idea of the speed increase unlike other programs on the net that show their two best case vs two worst case scenarios to show their speed increase. Before conditions existed of computers as they were with no pre-arranged modifying of the systems. After conditions are Speedy Web Navigator installed on each computer and run at Optimal settings.

Cable Modem Testing Conditions

Four computers (All with Windows XP) with cable modems were used in the testing. All four PCs used Internet Explorer 6.0. All four people were at different test locations, one in the Michigan, USA, one in London, England, one in Dallas, Texas, and the last one in Albany, New York, USA. We chose to download a demo exe file from a server in the United States. Each PC downloaded the same exe file 10 times, first with Speedy Web Navigator set to the Cable/DSL preset. The testers were asked to remove the Speedy Web Navigator settings from their PCs and download the identical file 10 times. These results were tallied. As a final test to determine if the test server was consistent, the testers were asked to set their PCs with the Speedy Web Navigator back to the Cable/DSL preset. The results proved to be consistent with the first round of testing. What this means to the user with a cable modem, Speedy Web Navigator gave the testers the additional speed of 3 56k modems to their connection! The download speed of one computer alone showed the results alone!

The speed tests show primarily the increase in speed just from the Cable/DSL/Dial-Up Modem Optimizer feature. The DNS Optimizer increases your speed on the net mostly from the initial click on your bookmarks. We have found that without the DNS Optimizer, it can take up to 5 seconds for your Internet Service Provider to translate the WWW address to an IP number before a web page starts loading. Since Speedy Web Navigator translates the WWW address to an IP off your hard drive, the web pages will start loading much faster from the initial click!

Download Speed Without SWNDownload Speed With SWN

Other Notable Results
A notable consistency in download speed was seen throughout testing. The Before tests on the 33K modems saw download times between 67 and 103 seconds for the Text file. After tests showed a rock solid consistency of 62 to 69 seconds from all 25 downloads! The Graphic download showed the same scenario, times for the Before tests saw downloads fall between 76 and 111 seconds, while the After tests maintained a 72 to 77 second download time for all 25 downloads! The ISDN modems had the same reflection as the 33K modems.

Our testers with Netscape kept a record of some of the download bps during the tests. The 33K modems saw an average of 4.8Kbps during Before tests while downloading the text file. They noted after Speedy Web Navigator was installed, the average bps increased to 5.3Kbps while downloading the Text file. The Graphic download for the 33K modems saw a Before average of 2.9Kbps go to a 3.4Kbps average after Speedy Web Navigator was installed. These tests clearly show the improvement our program makes!