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Referrals by Users

Speedy Web Navigator has gained some recognition from our users! Here are some of the testimonies:

"When is Speedy Web Navigator XP coming out? I upgraded to Windows XP and I gotta have your program!" D.A., Jonkoping, Sweden

"I play the game, Crimson Skies, in multiplayer on a 56k modem and I would get dropped from the game 5 out of 10 times. With your program the drops were substantially reduced!" THC_Rhighster, Berlin, Germany

"Speedy Web Navigator reduced the lag in my favorites games. I was always shooting at ghosts until I bought your program. I cannot believe the difference your program makes." ASF_Zebra, Houston, Texas

"I was skeptical about internet enhancers, but I decided to try your product out and am amazed at the difference your program makes! Pages load immediately and faster, you probably have saved me numerous hours waiting for pages to load, unbelievable! You program definitely shows a speed increase!" R. F. San Antonio, Texas

"The Ad Blocker is a great and unique feature to your program, I am saving a lot of time loading pages that are full of ad banners by disabling them with your program. This program is well worth the money!" E. D. Farmington Hills, MI

"WOW! Three features in one program, much better than the competition!" D.E. Adelaide, Austrailia

"My 56K modem is screaming though the internet now! The program will pay for itself since I am saving time on local charges surfing the net! Good job guys! Cheers!" D.C. London, England

If you have tried are product and impressed with it, send us an email and we'll post it here!