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Speedy Web Navigator has 3 features that contribute to increasing your internet surfing speed. An look at each feature is listed below.

DNS Optimizer

The DNS optimizer reads your Bookmark files for Internet Explorer and Netscape and pings each server to get the IP address. The IP addresses are saved into a file on your hard drive. Windows connection software will reference this file to translate the "" into an IP address. Speedy Web Navigator does this to save time. Any time you type in a "" address, your internet connection has to send this information to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your ISP then has to translate it for you and send the info back to your computer. This causes a waste of time while your computer waits for the translation to come back to it. Since Speedy Web Navigator has already translated the information for you and placed it on your hard drive, you internet connection will access the information there. This is faster than having your ISP translate it for you!

Cable/DSL/Dial-Up Modem Optimizer

A good thing that couldn't be left out. The Cable/DSL/Dial-Up ModemOptimizer in Speedy Web Navigator enhances the connection software in all versions of Windows. Our program reads the settings in the Windows Registry and provides settings for Optimal performance. In all versions of Windows, the settings are all defaults to non-optimal values. This is where Speedy Web Navigator comes in and enhances Windows even further! Through our exhaustive testing, we have included presets for each specific connection to provide you with a base to test your connection on. Simply click your connection type on the Preset, select Save, reboot Windows and you are set to go!

Ad Blocker

NOTE: Our program is designed to block externally linked banners and not banners generated from the same website address you have surfed into. External sites generate millions of banners on the net at the same time which can slow down the page you have surfed into. Also, banners are only blocked that appear in our database included with the program.

The final feature of Speedy Web Navigator is the Ad Blocker. Are you tired like we are of all the excessive banners that appear on web pages? Our program is here to help! We have included a database of ad banners with the program that can prevent these images from being loaded as you surf the net. Maybe you like some of the banners that appear? Well, Speedy Web Navigator allows you to select and deselect any of the banners that you want. Since ad banners are part of the download process for a web page, eliminating them with our program will also lessen the time to download web pages!

Product Comparison

Other products on the net have some of the features that Speedy Web Navigator has, but not all of them. Thus making the cost of our program insignificant to others, and we believe the best on the market! Below is a feature comparision of Speedy Web Navigator to other available programs:

  Speedy Web Navigator Internet Turbo 2003 SpeedNet
DNS Optimizer X   X
Dial-Up Optimizer X X X
Ad Blocker X    
Price $9.95 $19.95 $24.95

These are comparisions of Speedy Web Navigator to the top downloaded programs of shareware sites. Our program contains more features than the competition to increase your internet surfing while cutting the price in almost half.